Bruno FeldeisenWith an Italian and German background and a childhood in France it seems cooking was an obvious calling for Chef Bruno Feldeisen. The two time "James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry" nominee has enjoyed a storied career that has taken him from working with Alain Ducasse in Paris to New York City, San Francisco and Toronto before settling here in Vancouver as Executive Pastry Chef at The Four Seasons Hotel and YEW Seafood + Bar.

  1. Three words that describe your cuisine: Local. Seasonal. Spirited.
  2. Your signature dish: The last dish I create is always my signature
  3. One ingredient you could not cook without: Eggs
  4. Who inspired you to become a chef : My Italian Grandmother
  5. What did you love to eat growing up as a child: My Grandmother's gnocchi
  6. What is your beverage of choice: warm water - it's good for clearing up congestion
  7. Favourite vegetable: heirloom tomatoes... Technically a fruit, I know, but I love them
  8. Favourite meat: salmon
  9. Favourite Celebrity Chef: Guy Fieri. I worked with him many years ago and I have a lot of respect for the way he's shaped his career.
  10. The best part of Dine Out Van Fest: The amount of people I can touch with good food
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