dib-lgJosie Dib was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta where spent a great deal of time in the kitchen with her mother, leaning the secrets of preparing great Mediterranean Cuisine. Josie's passion for cooking which developed during her teens has never diminished to this day. With dedication, hard work and vision, Josie realized her lifelong dream of becoming a Head Chef. Josie now is focused on working her way up to the next best thing; becoming an Executive Chef one day in the very near future!


1050 Granville Street, Vancouver

Three words that describe your cuisine:
Comforting, Flexible, Inviting

Your signature dish:
Meat pies topped with roasted pine nuts

Why did you choose to become a chef?
I didn't really choose to become a chef. It has always been a passion of mine

In what ways can a chef be creative in the kitchen?
Everything comes back to the basics. Without them, you don’t have a firm foundation from which to launch creative experiments

Who is your role-model?
Jamie Oliver. He’s a strong, well spoken, confident, and a really stellar Chef

First meal you ever prepared:
Chicken Alfredo

What was the best thing you ate last year?
It was a home cooked meal that featured stuffed meat balls, Tabbouleh Salad and hummus.

Is there one daily kitchen task you enjoy the most?
Keeping a well-organized cooler

Any food you don’t like and won’t eat?
Raw tomatoes

The dish customers must try during Dine Out:
In-House Smoked Brisket Sandwich

The best part of Vancouver’s Dine Out Festival:
Bringing in new guests

Last $20 in your pocket, what would you order?
A coffee and a butter bagel

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