Anatomy of a Dine Out Event – The Vancouver World Chef Exchange, presented by Aeroplan

World Chef Exchange Logo (with Aeroplan)Pairing the world’s most creative culinary talents with Vancouver’s own is no small feat. But that’s the intention of The Vancouver World Chef Exchange, presented by Aeroplan and supported by Air Canada and the Westin Bayshore hotel.

Months in the making, each year’s program includes five chefs from all corners of the world who step into their Vancouver partner chefs’ kitchen to cook up a storm during their Dine Out Vancouver Festival collaboration.

The Vancouver World Chef Exchange is a collaborative project designed to spread Vancouver’s culinary story across the globe while bringing leading food hubs closer together and, of course, dish up a never-before-seen dinner for culinary enthusiasts.

The premise is simple: international and Vancouver chefs team up to craft a series of powerhouse feasts, fusing global flavours and regional ingredients. Tickets are sold and a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience is enjoyed. Sometimes the chefs are already friends. And if not, they soon will be. But festival organizers certainly rely on our relationships and those between our Vancouver chefs and their colleagues to make this all happen.

The spirit of the Vancouver World Chef Exchange is one of collaboration. It’s part of a broader Tourism Vancouver effort to share Vancouver’s culinary brand around the world. It is an exchange of ideas, experiences and ultimately the development of a community of relationships between Vancouver and international chefs and the cities they come from.

Since 2016, we’ve invited chefs from Los Angeles, Puerto Vallarta, New York City, Copenhagen, Sydney, San Francisco, Boston, London, Galway and Mexico City.

We toured around the city with a few of them and shared Vancouver’s culinary highlights. Here are our stories.


Boston - London - Mexico City - Galway - San Francisco


Los Angeles - Copenhagen - Puerto Vallarta - Sydney - New York

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