Autostrada Downtown

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  • 350 W. Pender St
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 1T1
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    ITALIAN FOOD PREPARED WITH CASUAL PERFECTION, WINES OF INTEGRITY THAT REPRESENT A PLACE, AND A TIMELESS, BUSTLING SPACE WHERE PEOPLE CAN FEEL AT HOME. We love everything about restaurants. In particular, we love Italian. We love the food, the wine, the diversity, and the pride that Italians take in hosting a memorable experience. We’ve spent our lives developing restaurants. From a simple deli or a laidback pub to award-winning fine dining, we have worked hard and are proud to present Autostrada Osteria. It’s a place with a simple philosophy. Inspired by the casual osterie of Italy, the focus is on a simple menu where quality ingredients shine, regional wines that represent a place, and a room filled with warmth and bustle. We hope you enjoy what we’ve poured our hearts into. See you soon.

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