Status: Accepting Reservations
  • 646 kingsway
  • Vancouver, BC V5T 3K4
  • Details

    Situated in the restaurant “golden triangle” of Vancouver’s edgy Fraserhood district, Crowbar is a casual, intimate neighbourhood restaurant designed to bring people together with flavorful share plates, an inventive cocktail program and a healthy dose of good humour. The restaurant’s name is a cheeky nod to the Fraserhood’s historically colourful nature, as well as a subtle homage to a Will Bullas painting depicting surprisingly amiable crows drinking at a bar.
    Crowbar is owned and operated by William Johnson, a dedicated restaurateur who works closely with his team to ensure every guest has a wonderful experience. With a background in fine dining, he applies key elements – quality ingredients, creative food, and a wicked list of cocktails – to his concept of an eatery that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fun and quirky details are incorporated throughout the menu and design, including ‘90s-themed cocktails, gargoyle sculptures and a well-used champagne saber. Crowbar opened in July 2016.
    Reservations accepted.

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