Ignite Pizzeria Express - Gastown

Status: Reservations not accepted, 1st come 1st served
  • 508 West Cordova
  • Vancouver, BC V5T 3E4
  • Details

    Our story starts with a passion for good pizza. With more than a decade of experience in the food industry, we knew it was time to bring a new pizza experience at the right price to the Vancouver food scene. The first location of Ignite Pizzeria opened its doors and fired up its first oven on Main Street in the summer of 2017, serving a traditional, stone-fired pizza in a modern setting. In Latin, the word “ignite” means ‘to start a fire’. Just as our oven ignites every day, we are animated by a burning desire to indulge people in good food in a down-to-earth, yet refined, atmosphere.

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