Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food - South Granville

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  • 1488 W 11th Ave
  • Vancouver, BC V6H 3H8
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    Jamjar is a "from scratch" approach kitchen inspired by traditional eastern Mediterranean flavours and a passion for home-style Lebanese cooking. Due to the abundance of fruit and produce in Lebanon, households often convert their excess fruits into jam, and in true Levantine spirit, they share their creations with neighbours and friends. At Jamjar, we replicate this gesture of unspoken generosity and showing of affection through food, on a daily basis. We source our produce daily, ensuring our food is always fresh. We also partner with local producers and suppliers in order to support the local community that supports us in turn. In keeping with tradition, Jamjar sells its dips in recyclable mason jars that customers bring back for refills at a discount.

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