Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba - Kerrisdale

  • 2285 West 41St Ave
  • Vancouver, BC V6M2A3
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    Japanese Chef Takuma Ishikawa created KOKORO mazesoba in Tokyo Japan in 2013. Soon Mazesoba becomes extremely popular in Japan and scattered in major Japanese cities, especially in Tokyo where KOKORO brand founder Takuma Ishikawa started his business and won the Best 2014 Mazesoba Award in Japan. Over the years, many tried to imitate the taste but nothing tastes as good as the origin of mazesoba by Chef Takuma.

    Mazesoba, literally translated as mixed noodle. is ramen without soup,  It has spicy hot minced pork, raw egg yolk, seaweed, Chashu, Green onion, bamboo shoot, minced garlic etc. on top.

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