Max's Restaurant, Cuisine of the Philippines

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  • 3546 Kingsway
  • Vancouver, BC V5R 5L7
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    A Blend of Flavors and A New Dining Experience

    Filipino food is characterized by simplicity and flavor.

    Max's Restaurant takes after the innate characteristics of Filipinos - hospitality, generosity and passion for good food.  It elevates dining to an absolute experience for the palate.  Recipes have been intricately developed for more than 60 years and given a modern twist to cater to the increasingly discriminating tastes of customers.  It is almost impossible to put boundaries to the Filipino meal as it is a blend of influences from other cultures, such as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and American.  At Max's Restaurant, the freshest ingredients are chosen painstakingly, cooked passionately, and served generously.  The menu is an exciting anthology of must-try dishes to feast upon from appetizers all the way to desserts.  A spacious dining area and two function rooms.  Each climate-controlled function room has audio-video equipment which includes automated screen, LCD projector, wireless microphones and a digital sound system.

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