Menya Itto

  • 1479 Robson Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6G1C1
  • Details

    he founder, master, and owner of Menya Itto, Mr. Sakamoto, is a renowned restauranteur and chef in Japan. Mr. Sakamoto began his career in French cuisine before discovering and pursuing his passion for ramen. He trained under the renowned “son-of ramen god” Mr. Tashiro Koji and was the great disciple of the late Mr. Kazuo Yamagishi the renowned “god of ramen” and inventor of Tsukemen. With encouragement from his teacher, Mr. Sakamoto created and established Menya Itto, with its unique style of pursuing a lighter ramen that tastes balanced, rich, complex, yet simultaneously intensively flavorful and heavenly. While Mr. Sakamoto has expanded from Japan with shops within Asia territory in Thailand, Hong Kong, & Taiwan. He is delighted to be offering his cult ramens in his first establishment in North America.

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